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Can I move in with a Soldier who is going through a divorce?

If I live in the barrack can I move in with a Soldier who lives on post and is pending a divorce?.. Read the Answer»

Can a Soldier be separated if they relapse after completing ASAP?

Can they throw me out of the Army if I complete ASAP training and then relaspe?.. Read the Answer»

Can I receive UCMJ for not completing corrective training?

Can my squad leader recommend UCMJ if I did not complete corrective training to standard?.. Read the Answer»

Can a Soldier be forced to reveal financial information?

If a Soldier is having financial difficulty can he refuse to provide financial information to his squad leader to help develop a plan of action?.. Read the Answer»

Can I withdraw an Article 15 appeal?

Can I withdraw my appeal under the Article 15 process?.. Read the Answer»

Can single Soldiers live off base?

How would I report a single Soldier for not living in the barracks?.. Read the Answer»

What regualtion says we can’t drink in duty uniform?

What regulation prohibits Soldiers from drinking while in uniform?.. Read the Answer»

Can NCOs trash a Soldier’s room during a Health and Welfare Inspection

When con­duct­ing a health and wel­fare inspec­tion are NCO’s allowed to trash a room that was neat and in order?.. Read the Answer»