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Are Soldiers required to weigh in prior to or after the PT test?

We just took our PT Test and all completed the test. One Soldier however, did not, participate in the weigh-in. The 1SG let him go without weighing in, and I do not agree because I know the regulation says we have to weigh-in before or after the PT Test. What can I do to stop this special treatment?

You are partially correct. There are two regulations that provide guidance on the subject.  These are AR 600-9 and AR 350-1.

AR 600-9 para 3-4 states:

3-4 a. Weigh-ins and body fat assessments will be conducted in accordance with appendix B. All Soldiers will be weighed every 6 months, at a minimum.
3-4b. In order to ensure the ABCP does not interfere with Soldier performance on the APFT, commanders and supervisors are encouraged to allow a minimum of 7 days between APFT and weigh-in, if feasible. Some Soldiers that are close to exceeding the screening weight may attempt to lose weight quickly in the days leading up to a weigh-in. This practice may result in the Soldier being unable to perform his or her best on the APFT, if the two events are scheduled close together.

AR 350-1 Appendix G-9g(3) states:

Individuals will be weighed when they take record APFTs or at least every six months in accordance with AR 600–9.

So the options are: once every six months, or in conjunction with the APFT, but it is recommended that the Soldier get 7 days between the APFT and the weigh-in (if feasible).  Therefore in my opinion there is sufficient lattitude to allow the Soldier to weigh-in at a later time.

There may be a reasonable explanation the 1SG let the Soldier go. Be careful in your judgements.

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posted on 01/31/2011 under Q&A
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