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Can a Reviewer require a Rater and/or Senior to make changes to an evaluation report?

Can a Reviewer make the Rater and Senior Rater change a bullet remark? Also, can the Reviewer make the Rater put the rated NCO's PT Score as a bullet for a Success? I have been told before that the Reviewer cannot make the Rater do changes.

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A Reviewer cannot force you to chance anything on the evaluation report that you or the senior rater believe to be a just and accurate report. In addition it is the Rater’s decision what to include on the report. If the Reviewer feels that the report is not accurate they can submit a Memo of Nonoccurrence.

The real questions the Rater and Senior Rater should be asking themselves are:

  • Is this a fair and accurate report?
  • Is the report based in fact and not emotion? and
  • Would they want the same standard applied to them if the roles were reversed?

Why do I ask these questions? I have seen many people stand their ground over an emotion report only to have it come back and bite them in the butt. You see the Reviewer can non concur with the report and then when it is time for the Rater/Senior Rater to receive their evaluations he can apply the same standards to the Rater/Senior Rater that they applied to the Soldier in question. Then the Rater and Senior Rater are in a bad position.

Leaders must always take emotion out of the report and ensure they are treating the Soldier as they want to be treated.

There is nothing that prevents the rater from mentioning the Soldier’s APFT score.

The references for your question can be found in AR 623-3 and DA PAM 623-3

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posted on 10/18/2013 under Q&A
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