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Can I appeal a Bar to Reenlistment?

I am going to be receiving a Bar to Reenlistment. Can I appeal this action?

Yes, AR 601-280 chapter 8 covers Bars to Reenlistment.  With regard to appeals it states:

Soldiers desiring to submit an appeal who are otherwise qualified under the criteria of chapter 3, including those with approved waivers, will not be involuntarily separated while an appeal is pending. Should the soldier desire to submit an appeal, but refuses retention to allow processing of the appeal, he will be informed that the bar will remain in effect. From the time he is informed that the bar was approved, the soldier will be allowed 7 days to submit an appeal. On a case-by-case basis, an extension of this period may be granted by the commander initiating the bar procedure. Appeals will be endorsed personally by each commander (or acting commander) in the chain of command, and approved or disapproved by the proper authorities shown in (1) or (2) below. Final approval of appeals will be at least one approval level higher than the original bar approval authority.

(1) For soldiers with less than 10 years of active Federal service at date of bar initiation, the approval or disapproval authority is the first general officer in the soldier’s chain of command, or the commander exercising GCMCA, whichever is in the most direct line to the soldier. The personal signature of the approving or disapproving authority is required.

(2) For soldiers with more than 10 years of active Federal service at the date of bar initiation, and who are not on indefinite status, the approval or disapproval authority is CG, HRC-Alexandria. Unless specifically directed by the approving authority, appeals will not be forwarded through Corps, MACOM, or similar commanders en route to HRC-Alexandria.

(3) Bars to Reenlistment approved by HRC-Alexandria under this regulation may not be appealed

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posted on 03/06/2015 under Q&A
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