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Can I be forced to take a PT test while on profile for no sit-ups and no running?

Can my 1SG make me take a PT test while on an active no sit-up, no run profile? I'm all about being fit but there comes a point in time where in order for you to be squared away you have to be well and uninjured. The PT test will just further injure me and the last thing I want to do is be medically discharged.

Yes you can be required to take a PT test while on profile. For it to be a valid test, you must perform one of the aerobic events: run, bike, swim, or walk. If you take an alternate aerobic event you must be given at least 90 days to practice that event. If you believe that this action is endangering your health I recommend you have a face to face meeting with your 1SG and CDR. You need to prepare for this meeting by putting together your facts and concerns. You must ensure that your discussion with the command team is professional and unemotional.

You should also provide a recommended solution such a time when you believe you will be fit enough to take a PT test. You can also discuss the issue with your medical provider and he may increase your profile in a manner that prohibits a PT Test. Keep in mind that the Commander can override the doctor’s profile but he will assume responsibility for your welfare by doing so.

I suggest you read: AR 350-1 and AR 40-501 Chapter 7

Para 1-24d(2):

Personnel will be excused from physical fitness training only during periods of temporary or permanent medical limitations established in accordance with AR 40–501.

Para 1-24df(4):

Personnel who cannot take part in physical fitness training because of a profile condition will be placed in rehabilitative programs and, within profile guidelines given by health care personnel, be supervised by the commander.

Para 1-24e:

The APFT consists of pushups, situps, and a 2-mile run, done in that order on the same day. To be considered a record test, these events must be completed within two hours from the start of the pushup event until completion of the 2-mile run or alternate aerobic event. (See repetition and time guidelines in FM 21–20.) Record APFT scores will be annotated on a DA Form 705 (Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard). For Soldiers on a permanent profile or an extended temporary profile (more than three months), a record test must include an aerobic event. The only approved aerobic events are the 2-mile run, 800-yard swim, 6.2-mile bike ride (stationary or track), or the 2.5-mile walk. Soldiers on permanent profile or a temporary profile of long duration (more than three months) will receive point scores for only those events taken. For example, if a Soldier has a permanent profile for the 2-mile run event and score 70 points in the pushup, 85 points in the situp and receives a “GO” for the 2.5 mile Walk, he will receive a score of 155 points in the total score column of the DA Form 705

Para 1-24,e(4)

Personnel with permanent medical profiles that preclude participation in the pushup or situp event will take the remaining events if a physician or physician’s assistant approves. The 2-mile run event, or an approved alternate test event as outlined in FM 21–20, must be taken if the test is for record. The alternate test is for Soldiers with permanent physical profiles that prevent them from running 2 miles. Soldiers with temporary profiles of long duration (more than 3 months) may also take an alternate test if approved by the commander and health care personnel. Soldiers must be given 3 months to prepare for the alternate test from either the date of the profile or the date recommended by health care personnel.

In closing please keep in mind most leaders want to do what is right for the Soldier and Unit. Therefore it is important to try to understand what your leadership is trying to achieve, why are they trying to achieve it, and what is the best way you can assist in resolving the issue at hand. I have never met a leader who would intentionally hurt one of their Soldiers. Sometimes it may feel like a leader is focusing on you but usually from the leader’s perspective they are just trying to make you a better Soldier.

The question is are their methods correct? This is where you need to be professional and discuss the issue with them from a knowledgeable position and present a reasonable solution. If you do not feel you are getting a fair shake after speaking to the CO Command Team then request to see the BNCSM/BNCDR on open door policy.

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  • Joshua

    I’m going through a medical board and have been put on a permenant profile that says I can’t not take part in any event of a APFT. Prior to medical board I was on remedial pt due to a failure. Now that I’m unable to take part in a APFT, my 1SG states I must continue the program. He instructed me to get this profile so I could be dropped from the program, and now says I have to go anyways. I’m attempting to find a way to get of this remedial pt that I have to attend but not take part in. Any suggestions?

    • Mark Gerecht

      If the participation in PT is a risk to your health and safety and could potentially cause further injury then you might want to consider speaking with the Commander on Open Door Policy, speaking with the Patient Affairs Representative at the Hospital or other member of the hospital to assist in obtaining the appropriate paperwork. Keep in mind it is only a recommendation and your commander does not have to follow it. It he chooses not to follow it and you are injured then your CDR and potentially 1SG or leader ordering participation or activity might be held accountable for the injury.

      Hope this Helps

  • matt

    I have a perm profile and today I was given a record pt test. I was told that I failed it because I did not complete the cardiovascular portion. I can do the swim and bike but neither was provided for the test. Can it be considered a failure then?

    • Mark Gerecht

      If you have a PERM PROFILE you must be given the opportunity to take your alternate event. You must have 90 days to practice the alternate event from the date the profile was issued. The Commander can coordinate with the Doctor to change the alternate event if the command cannot support the alternate event. For example: Swim is usually difficult to support. However the 2.5 mile walk or bike are typically easier to support. Either way based on the information you provided it is not a valid APFT. For specific information Read AR 350-1 Appendix G and FM 7-22

      Did you find this information Useful? I appreciate your feedback!

  • Jon

    What if along with threats from my commander to entirely take away my profile for my fractured wrist ( which has a cast on it) and continuously harasses me for having a “bullshit” profile as he calls it even though I have X-rays showing I really did fracture my wrist who do I go to then?

    • Recon316

      I’m not sure if your question has been answered on the harassment. Your Commander can not take away your permanent profile. The person you should go see is an Ombudsman. You can find out how to contact them through posted advertisements/fliers of any on post clinic and the post hospital. A majority of the Ombudsman are retired senior NCOs and Officers. They have the weight and power to handle situations like yours. Be sure to tell them “FACTS”! Don’t let emotion or frustration alter the reality of the situation.

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