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Can I be forced to take the APFT while in the IDES (formally MEB) process?

I'm currently in the IDES (formerly MEB) process, waiting on my percentages. I have a Leader who is intent on making me take an APFT, however, according to my profile I can only take the swim event according to my P3. Can I take a record with only one event? I'm not even supposed to do the swim, it was an error on the clinic's part but I never questioned it because I was told we don't have the facilities to do the swim.

The medical authority can recommend an alternate event but ultimately it is the Commander who will decide.  You might want to go back and see the medical authority and see if:

1.       They can recommend another event.  AR 350-1 states you need 3 months to practice that event.  If your percentages come back within the 3 months you will most likely be out processing.

2.       If you seriously cannot take any event you will need a waiver. So the doc will need to discuss this.

3.       Another option you might look at is if a Soldier is separating and has taken a physical usually Commanders do not have Soldiers participating in strenuous activities to prevent them from being injured and that could cause the Soldier to miss their separation date and make the Army responsible for the addition injury.

4. Also check out AR 40-501 see if it has any information on profiled individuals in the separation process.

 Can an APFT consist of just the swim?  Yes it can.  See the following extracts of AR 350-1

AR 350-1 Extract

1-24d(3) …Commander will determine the alternate events based on guidance from FM 21–20, the Soldier’s abilities, preference and available equipment….


1-24e …..For Soldiers on a permanent profile or an extended temporary profile (more than three months), a record test must include an aerobic event. The only approved aerobic events are the 2-mile run, 800-yard swim, 6.2-mile bike ride (stationary or track), or the 2.5-mile walk. Soldiers on permanent profile or a temporary profile of long duration (more than three months) will receive point scores for only those events taken… post you might find helpful:  Is an APFT Valid with just an aerobic event?

But like I said earlier it is the Commander’s call.

 Hope this Helps

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