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Can my Chain of Command prevent me from going to the range if I have recently come off of medical profile?

I am coming off of ACL reconstruction surgery. I had a 90 day profile. I am completely off my profile and in the recovery phase. I am no longer on profile. I was told that I could not go to the range today because my profile ended 30 days ago. Is there any regulation that states that when a Soldier is in recovery time they cannot go to the range. TOP can you help me out with this Scooby Doo mystery?

There is no regulation that I know of that prevents you from going to the range.

FM 7-22 states you have twice the length of your profile not to exceed 90 days to prepare to take a For Record APFT, but this does not apply to field training or weapon ranges.

To my knowledge there is nothing that prevents you from going to the range, once you have been returned to full duty status you are good to go unless you have a temporary profile that stops you from wearing your gear, firing a weapon,  or otherwise participating in field or range training.

Perhaps your unit is simply erring on the side of caution.  I do applause their caution.  The last thing we want to do is injure a Soldier.

Some options you might consider are:

1. Speaking with your chain of command to seek clarification.  They could simply be concerned about your safety, health, and welfare.

2.   You could also consider going to the medical clinic and asking them for clarification.  If they agree you are medically ready to return to the range ask them to provide you a document that you can present to your chain of command.

For more information on Profiles see AR 40-501

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posted on 01/06/2014 under Q&A
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