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Can overweight Soldiers receive awards?

Can a Soldier receive an award if he is flagged for overweight?

As a standard rule, Soldiers cannot be recommended for awards while flagged for Overweight.

AR 600-8-2 para 3-1 Actions Prohibited by a Flag:

e. Recommendation for, and receipt of, individual awards and decorations. Exceptions to this policy are outlined in
AR 600–8–22.

However there is an exception or wavier for overweight Soldiers who are eligible to receive an award based on valor, heroism, or for retirement.

AR 600-8-22 para 1-17 b Character of Service

b. Waiver for overweight.
As an exception to subparagraph a(1), above, a Soldier who is flagged for overweight
may be recommended for and presented an award based on valor, heroism, or for length of service retirement. A
waiver of the overweight flag must be processed to the first general officer in the Soldier’s chain of command for
approval or disapproval. A waiver for overweight is not required for award of the Purple Heart. Approval or
disapproval authority is delegated to the first general officer in the chain of command. Waivers will be processed as
separate and distinct actions from the award recommendation, and should be submitted and adjudicated prior to
submission of the award recommendation.  Approved waivers will accompany the award recommendation once submitted.


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posted on 05/25/2012 under Q&A
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  • Part-Time-Commander

    I’ve never agreed with this policy, but it is what it is. I’ve always believed that Soldiers should meet the HT/WT standards if they want to qualify for an award. Why have these weight standards to begin with if you aren’t going to enforce them?

    What are your thoughts?

    • Anonymous

      Just because you are over weight should not stop you from getting an award if you do a good job that is crazy so what you are telling your soldiers that we don’t care that your doing a good job your over weight and your not getting an award

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