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Do I lose my promotable status when I am flagged?

I failed a for-record PT test in June and I was flagged. The also took my "P" away at that time. My 4856 says "...this means you are not fully eligible for favorable actions like awards, promotions, and attendance to any schools (WLC). However, this is not permanent and this flag will be lifted if you remain dedicated and determined to improve your overall level of fitness." I have searched through AR350-1, AR600-8-19, and AR600-8-2. Nothing in those regs say that I will have my promotable status revoked for APFT failure. Once i found this flaw I noticed that I would have made cutoff for AUG, but I was flagged. All I had to do was remove the flag and my date of rank would be the day that I had the flag removed. My CoC are saying that they will not enstate promotable status my even though they took it away illeaglly. What should i do?

Greetings from Afghanistan!

When a Soldier incurrs a flag, the system automatically removes them from the Promotion Standing List. This is because they are placed in a nonpromotable status IAW AR 600-8-19, Par 1-10a(10).

HRC has published a FAQ in regards to flagged Soldiers and removal form the Pormotion Standlist List. It is as follows:

Question: Are Soldiers who are flagged automatically removed from the E5/E6 promotion standing list?

Answer: Yes. If a Soldier is flagged the PPW system will remove the Soldier from the promotion standing list and place the Soldier into a NOT Eligible status.

If the Soldier is flagged for adverse action and receives a summarized Article 15 or is exonerated from the initial flag, the BDE/BN S1 will re-integrate the Soldier back onto the promotion standing list. To re-integrate the Soldier follow the steps in the PPW user manual on pages 12-17.

If a Soldier that is exonerated/case closed favorably from an initial flag who would have made the DA Promotion Point Cutoff Score while the suspension of favorable personnel actions was in effect, provided otherwise qualified, the unit S1 will submit an Administrative Records Correction request to HRC, ATTN: Junior Enlisted Promotions. Email request to

If Soldiers are selected for promotion and flagged after the BY-NAME list is posted, there will be a relook of the system for flagged Soldiers prior to the 1st of the month to prevent by-name selection and ultimate promotion.

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posted on 08/08/2012 under Q&A
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  • Dave17

    I was a SPC/P, but I lost my promotable status due to a failure to pass my pt test. Does this mean I lost my leadership position also?

  • Lo

    Needing information.

    Here it goes,
    I was 1% over in body fat, August 12 2014. My Chain of command flagged me. They did not order me to any extra pt or corrective training as I was flagged. They did counsel me on ABCP.
    As of the next month (September 12 2014) I was 2% under. My flag was gone within three days after the September tape test.
    I know what is on the line (career in the Army).

    I have a family (2 kids and a wife)
    I work shift work. (2100-0500) -third shift before and during my flag period. Soldiers on shift work conduct PT before shift, example- 1800-1900
    After my flag was lifted my team leader switched me to second shift (1300-2100) which the soldiers conduct PT at(1100-1200).
    Now my team leader is saying I Must attend pt formation to conduct PT at 0600.
    Some may see it as help/motivation…
    Though, I am the one with out any guidance or corrective training, to get off the flag on my own.
    Once again I know what is on the line and appreciate the “sudden help”. But fact is I’m off the flag..

    Currently I am 4% under as of 27 September 2014.

    My question-
    Is this not punishment? I am off the flag. why am I conducting PT twice a day? Is that not “special pops pt” for someone who is still flagged and did not meet requirements..

    If any one can give guidance or there thought I would appreciate it very much.

    I am very close to making a IG complaint

  • Heather

    I had a flag put on me for a month for being 1% over the body fat standard. As a result I lost my promotable status and had to go through the whole board proceeding over again instead of “just” being put back on the promotion standings list after the flag was removed, causing me to be promoted months later than my promotion points would have originally granted. However, I think that may be individual commander’s policy more than it is a blanket regulation.

    • Mark Gerecht

      That is a painful position to be in but I believe your commander followed the letter of the law based on my understanding of the issue. I will ask our HR SME to chime in on this post and see if he can provide the specific text of the regulation.


    • Mackie

      AR 600-8-22, Par 1-10a(10) states that if a Soldier has incurred a FLAG under the provisions of AR 600-8-2″, they are to be placed in a nonpromotable status. Furthermore, Table 3-3 of the same regulations provides a code for the removal of Soldiers from the promotion standing list who are enrolled in the Army Weight Control Program.

      Soldiers who are flagged are ineligible for promotion, are removed from the promotion standing list and in most occasions, must attend another promotion board to regain promotable status. MILPER Message 11-233 (Updates and Guidance for the Semi-Centralized Promotion System), par D states:

      D. PPW (Promotion Point Worksheet) will place Soldiers in an ineligible status and remove them from the Promotion Standing List when a FLAG is initiated in eMILPO

      (1) A Soldier who is removed from the Promotion Standing List for a valid reason (i.e. expired APFT, valid FLAG, etc.) must reappear before a promotion board to be reintegrated onto the Promotion Standing List.

      Based on your post, it seems to me that your promotion after you regained promotable status was justified.

      I hope this helps, thank you for contacting us at AskTop!

  • Cody

    If I become DA promotable and make the C10 roster, then do I still have to go to the promotion board? Or am I already promotable? Are they the same thing?

    • Eck

      Cody, as long as the commander does not prevent you being integrated onto the C-10 roster, you will be considered promotable. However, you only receive the minimum points. Any schools, awards, PT, Weapons Qualification points, etc. will not be added to your promotion points total until you appear and are recommended by the promotion board. Upon automatic list integration, you will receive 39 points if competing for SGT and 14 points if competing for SSG. No other points will be awarded until after you pass the formal board proceedings.
      (See DA Memorandum dated 17 May 2010, SUBJECT: Revised Promotion Point Computations – Semi-Centralized Promotions) These rules went into effect 1 June 2011.

      I hope you found this useful.

      “I am not an attorney and any views presented are my own and are not to be interpreted as legal advice. Furthermore, my views do not necessarily represent the views of DoD or its Components.”


    I made the cut-off for e-6 1MAR13 but was audited by brigade and couldnt not find one of my awards but i have the award now and was never taken off of the promotion by name list or anything. All I was told was to get the award in asap. Now Im flagged but I have the award. Can I still get promoted?

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