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What should I do when a Soldier threatens to go to the IG?

One of my Soldiers more or less threatened me that they would take their problem to the IG. What should I do?

Great Question. Let’s look at this from an IG perspective:

[Soldier calls IG office.]

Soldier: Hello I have a problem and I need help now!

IG: Have you tried to solve the problem through your NCO Support Channel?

Soldier: Eh, no.

IG: Have you spoken to the Chain of Command about the problem?

Soldier: Why? No. That’s why I am calling you.

IG: Okay. I can listen to your problem, provide you some guidance, and if you desire I can call your chain of command and ask them to try and  reslove the issue.  [Translation: I am going to go to your Chain of Command and try to solve the issue just like you should have done in the first place.]


So what to do?

Sit the Soldier down and explain that they are more then welcome to contact the IG and you will even call the IG for them if they want to use that route.  Before that call is made, inform the Soldier that they can speak with you, use the NCO support channel, or use the Chain of Command. Explain that the best solutions are usually found at the lowest level of leadership.

If they still believe they have been wronged after using all possible alternatives, encourage them to contact the IG.

The IG is a useful tool when used properly. The Soldier always has the option to go to the IG. They need only inform you that they require time away from duty to resolve an issue.

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posted on 07/05/2011 under Q&A
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