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Suspended NCO: When should we execute the Relief for Cause?

I have an NCO who is currently suspended from duties pending the outcome of an investigation. At what point should we execute the Relief For Cause?

First and foremost, wait until all the facts are in. When the investigation is complete you will be able to render a fair and just decision. No one wants to be pre-judged. While this individual may be guilty there is always a chance that things are not exactly as they appear. Perhaps the leader did some of the things he is under investigation for, maybe he did something even worse, or maybe he is innocent.

When the investigation is complete you know the facts and can clearly articulate bullets for the Relief for Cause Report. This is also the best point in time to determine if a relief action is appropriate.  Let the emotions of the situation fade and make the decision to relieve based on the facts.

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posted on 07/27/2011 under Q&A
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