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What does it mean when a Soldier marks “Disagree” on a counseling statement?

I recently received a counseling statement that I disagreed with. I was told that I could only disagree if there was an administrative error. Is that true?

You are disagreeing with anything that is incorrect on the counseling statement: Content, plan of action, leader responsibilities, key points of discussion, or any mistakes that may be contained in the administrative portion.

There is no regulation, Field Manual, or training circular at this time that describes or states what your signature on a counseling form means. Some leaders will try to tell you that agreeing simply means you are verifying the administrative data. This is not correct and the roots of this myth can be found in AR 623-3 where the regulation states when signing your NCOER your signature verifies the administrative data and other information but does not mean you agree with the rating.

So the bottom line is when you disagree you are disagreeing with anything in the counseling that you have an issue with.

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posted on 05/14/2012 under Q&A
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