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Where can I find a copy of TVT 21-191?

Can you tell me where I can find Training video tape No. 21-191 online? This is the video that FM 21-20 references with regard to training those who conduct the APFT.

Wow we are going back to the Army of the 1980’s.  These are probably on 3/4 inch VHS tapes.  Usually these tapes can be found at your local Audio Video Training Aids and Devices Office on your installation.  Now with that stated it sure seems like this information would be available on the Army Training Network.  I have looked around ATN as much as I can but did not find anything.  Check your local TADDS Office and see if they have an updated version maybe on CD.  If you find something on Army Training Network please share it with me so I can share with others.

Here are some other TVT’s that might be of use but some may also be dated.

TVT 8-103 Standards for Determining Body Fat. 1986.
TVT 21-76 Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). 1986.
TVT 21-191 Administration of the APFT. 1988.
TVT 21-192 Partner-Resisted Exercises (PRE). 1987.
TVT 21-218 Flexibility: The Truth About Stretching. 1989.
TVT 21-203 Push-up/Sit-up Improvement. 1988.

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posted on 01/10/2014 under Q&A
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