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Will it hurt my career if I am unable to sign my NCOER?

How important it is to sign my NCOER? My CAC card is not working and there is no way I can replace it for another 15 days. My rater wants to write "Soldier not present to sign." I keep hearing that this could affect my career later on, though my rater said is not really a big deal. Should I let them submit unsigned or should I tell them that I want to wait until I am able to sign?

It may not look good for you to leave your NCOER unsigned. I would encourage you to ask your command to delay submission of your report until you are available to sign. They have significant time to complete the report as the report is not due at HQDA until 90 days after the thru date: see AR 623-3 para 1-4 b(15). You might want to ask them if they would like it if their report was sent forward without their signature. If you are an E-5, the impact on your record will most likely be minimal. If you are a SSG or above it could have a significant impact on your career.

If you are unable to persuade the command then the following actions would be prudent:

  • Rater should enter: “Soldier unavailable for signature.”
  • Senior Rater should enter: “Soldier unavailable for signature due to mission requirements.”
  • Keep a copy of all counseling, emails, and any other information regarding this issue in case you need to submit an appeal in the future.

Here are a few extracts of AR 623-3 that might be of assistance. You might also want to review DAPAM 623-3.

 Paragraph 1-4b(15) May establish local submission procedures that support the senior raters responsibility to ensure completed OER and NCOER arrive at HQDA no later than 90 calendar days after the THRU date of the report either in electronic or hard copy original (see app F for addresses). The importance of the evaluation report to many personnel actions, especially those involving DA selection boards, requires that this suspense be met.

3-37f(2) Rated Soldiers will always be the last individual to sign the evaluation. The rated Soldier’s signature will verify the accuracy of the administrative data in Part I, to include nonrated time; the rating officials in Part II; the APFT and height and weight data; and that the rated Soldier has seen the completed report. This action increases administrative accuracy of the report and will normally preclude an appeal by the rated Soldier based on inaccurate administrative data. In the event the rated Soldier is not available or refuses to sign, senior raters will provide an explanation in their narrative or bullet comments. If significant changes are made to a final evaluation after the rated Soldier has signed it, the senior rater will ensure the rated Soldier has an opportunity to see the evaluation.

Senior rater page 106

Second-line rating official: will be in the direct line of supervision of the rated individual and senior to the rater by either pay grade or date of rank. Primary role is evaluating, focusing on potential; responsible for over-watching the performance evaluation and mentoring. Obtains the rated individual’s signature or enters appropriate statement if rated individual refuses or is not available.


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