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My commander is sleeping with my wife, what do I do?

I was on duty and went home for dinner unannounced and found my commander and wife in a compromising situation. How do I handle this?.. Read the Answer»

Improve your unit with effective Exit Interviews

One of the best tools leaders can use to gain productive feedback is the exit interview.

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Should I report drug abuse in my barracks?

I have watched my roommate do drugs several times during the last week in our barrack area. I know it is wrong but I am torn between reporting it and just ignoring it. Any ideas on how to handle this?.. Read the Answer»

How do I help a private who may be pregnant?

I have a PVT on her first duty assignment, first time away from home. She just came to me thinking she is pregnant. She is really upset and the guy wants nothing to do with her. How do you handle this... there is so much going on in this situation!.. Read the Answer»

Counseling and Article 15: Leader Responsibilities

Receiving an Article 15 is a significant emotional event in a Soldier’s life. Leaders sometimes forget how difficult these times can be for Soldiers and their families. While correcting substandard performance is important, it is equally important to plan for …Read More

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NCO Business and Officer Business v. Leader Business

Have you ever heard an NCO or officer make the statement “That’s NCO business”? What exactly does that mean? NCOs and officers have their own respective areas of authority. This article is about the difference between NCO business, officer business, …Read More

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What reg says I can’t order a Soldier to sign a counseling statement

What Regulations states I cannot order a Soldier to sign a counseling statement?.. Read the Answer»

How do I report an improper relationship?

A Soldier in my unit is sleeping with a Senior leader's wife? How do I handle this?.. Read the Answer»