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When does my APFT score expire?

How long is an APFT good for?.. Read the Answer»

Do I lose my promotable status when I am flagged?

I failed a for-record PT test in June and I was flagged. The also took my "P" away at that time. My 4856 says "...this means you are not fully eligible for favorable actions like awards, promotions, and attendance to any schools (WLC). However, this is not permanent and this flag will be lifted if you remain dedicated and determined to improve your overall level of fitness." I have searched through AR350-1, AR600-8-19, and AR600-8-2. Nothing in those regs say that I will have my promotable status revoked for APFT failure. Once i found this flaw I noticed that I would have made cutoff for AUG, but I was flagged. All I had to do was remove the flag and my date of rank would be the day that I had the flag removed. My CoC are saying that they will not enstate promotable status my even though they took it away illeaglly. What should i do?.. Read the Answer»

Will my SFC board look favorably on SSD course completion?

I have completed Level I, III, and IV SSD courses. Will this be a positive factor for the SFC board or will they not even notice that I took the initiative?.. Read the Answer»

Can I keep my promotable status when I change my MOS?

I have been in for 7 years. My MOS is 13T (Survey/Metro). I was promotable to SSG for over 2 years but due to the new point scheme I was removed from the C-10 because I didn't add points for a year. Now, I am able to re-enlist and I want to change my MOS, but my unit has me going back to the promotion board. If I get my promotable status back can I re-class with it?.. Read the Answer»

I was dropped from CLI due to an expired APFT–will I be promoted once that’s fixed?

I was on the CLI for June, but did not get my promotion because my APFT had expired. I got it fixed and my PPW now says I am eligible. Will I still get promoted?.. Read the Answer»

Can correspondence courses be entered into the Military Education block on the ERB?

Is it possible to list Correspondence courses that have ERB codes onto the Military Education block on the ERB. Not just the correspondence hour portion, but the military education block that actually lists the course name? The new SSD has codes also. Do they also go on the military education block even if it shows up on your ATTRS giving you points? If so, is there any documentation stating so? I prove it in regulations and MILPER messages to my S1, but they still wont accept it, saying it's "double tapping." What are the ERB codes used for if you cannot update them?.. Read the Answer»

Must Soldiers complete all phases of NCOES courses to earn points?

AR 600-8-19 promotions states you have to complete all phases of BNCOC (or ALC as its known now) in order to be awarded points. The new promotions rules do not make mention of this or do not state this specifically it just states Soldiers who graduate from the course get x amount of points. Now I'm fighting Soldiers who are telling me they know Soldiers who received points for this. Before I go and start auditing all my SGTs in the unit I want to make sure there nothing out there that states otherwise. All it takes is for the S1 to add your ALC on your ERB and you get the points even if the Soldier has not completed all phases. It seems like the only guardian of said points is a well informed S1... Read the Answer»

Will I retain my promotable status after I reclass to a new MOS?

I have a question regarding the Command List Integration process. I am currently on the CLI in my current unit, when i reclass to 35F in January will i retain the CLI and be on the by name promotion list since 35F is a star mos and points are 39 right now? Will I have to attend a promotion board after the 90 day evaluation at my next unit after reclass? Any help is greatly appreciated... Read the Answer»