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Can I be reduced from E-6 to E4 for inefficency?

I am Active Duty with 13 years TIS. Can I be reduced from E6 to E4 for inefficiency? TDS advised me that I would only be reduced to E5 if the board felt the need, but the board recommended me to be reduced to E4. I am appealing and TDS is trying to get my rank reduced to E5 instead of E4. TDS highlighted AR 600-8-19 and FM 27-1 and their interpretation of the rules and had me take it to Brigade legal, but they said that you may be reduced more than one rank for inefficiency. So I am getting two different answers for this. Do you have any insight? I have another appointment tomorrow with TDS to try and get this resolved. Thank you... Read the Answer»

Must a Soldier be counseled before separation?

How many counseling statements are required before a Soldier can be separated from the Army?.. Read the Answer»

Can I receive a Relief for Cause and be separated for the same offense?

I got in trouble and I am in the process of receiving a relief for cause. In addition the command says they are going to punish me even more by either separation or courts martial. Can they do that? What can I do?.. Read the Answer»

Is a Relief for Cause Report considered punishment?

I was recently under an investigation. It is now complete. Now they are talking about giving me a relief for cause. If they give me a relief for cause is it punishment and does it stop other punishments like UCMJ and separation?.. Read the Answer»

What regulation requires me to use the Magic Statement?

Where does the requirement for the Magic Statement come from?.. Read the Answer»